Privately censor an image online

Easily and privately censor an image online using Edit Photo smart censor algorithm. No user account needed, all editing happens in your browser.

Navigate to to open the photo editor in a separate page.

Or use the photo editor that’s embedded at the end of this page.

Smart data censoring

The censor algorithm used will make sure the censored sensitive information cannot be recovered.

  1. The algorithm will first scale down the original image, this will remove any details.
  2. Then it will shift pixels randomly, together with step 1 this prevents reversing the censor effect.
  3. Finally the image is blurred to create a smooth censor effect.

Let’s get started!

Select the photo you want to censor

Click Select photo then select “Browse device files” and select the photo.

Censor areas of the photo

Click the Redact menu item.

Now we tap and drag a censored area over a piece of the image we want to censor.

We can repeat the above process multiple times to censor all sensitive information in the image.

Download the censored photo

When you’re done censoring parts of the photo click the Download button and the resulting photo will be downloaded to your system.

Censor your image below

Select a photo, and follow the step by step instructions above.

Select photo