Crop Nadra Card online

How to quickly and correctly crop a picture to Nadra Card size. Use our free and private editor and follow the short guide to make sure you make a valid crop.

To get started navigate to with your mobile or desktop browser, it’ll open the free photo editor.

Or use the photo editor that’s embedded at the end of this page.

Before you get started

Some considerations before you crop the picture of your Nadra Card.

  1. Make sure all relevant details are within the frame. Missing info could make the result unusable.
  2. Don’t crop too close to the text or features. Leave some margin for context and to meet any guidelines.
  3. Ensure the Nadra Card is right-side-up and aligned straight. Crookedness could cause issues in automated systems.
  4. Make sure there are no shadows that could obscure text or features before cropping.
  5. Check the picture resolution. A high enough resolution to keeps all text and features clear and readable.

Let’s get started!

Select the photo of your Nadra Card

Click Select photo then select “Browse device files” and select the photo.

On a desktop device we can use the “Take with camera” option to take a picture of your Nadra Card.

Crop the photo of your Nadra Card

Click the Crop menu item.

Move the crop area corners and align them with the corners of your passport in the photo.

You can move the Nadra Card picture around with the mouse or by dragging it with your fingers.

Rotate the photo with the rotation control at the bottom.

Zoom in and out using the scale control, scroll wheel, or by multi-touching.

Download the resulting Nadra Card picture

When you’re ready click the black Export button, and then click “Download”

Crop your Nadra Card below

Select a photo, and follow the step by step instructions above.

Select photo