Add text to a photo on iPhone

How to quickly add text labels to a photo on iPhone. No need to download an app, use this photo editor in Safari.

Open Safari and navigate to it’ll open the free photo editor.

Or use the photo editor that’s embedded at the end of this page.

Select the photo you want to add text to

Tap Select photo then select “Browse device files” and select the photo you want to add text labels to.

Start adding text

Tap the Annotate menu item.

Then we tap the Text tool.

Now we tap and drag a text rectangle on the photo.

By tapping outside of the text box we can confirm our input.

Download the photo

When you’re ready adding text to your photo tap the black Export button, and then click “Download” or “View”

Add text to your photo below

Select a photo, and follow the step by step instructions above.

Select photo