What Is Inpainting?

In this article we’ll look into what inpainting is and how we can write our prompts to get the best results with DALL·E can do to get the best results.

Inpainting explained

Inpainting is a technique used to fill in missing or corrupted parts of an image with plausible content, often using the surrounding context as inspiration. It’s kind of like digital image restoration.

On Edit•Photo Inpainting is powered by DALL·E 2, you can use your own OpenAI API key to generate image data.

We can use Inpainting for a various selection of tasks.

Photo Restoration

Repairing old or damaged photos. If an old family photo has a tear or some scratches, inpainting can fill in the gaps with plausible content.

Object Removal

Imagine a great photo, but there’s an unwanted object or person in the scene. Inpainting can help remove that object and fill in the background seamlessly.

Adding Addition

We can use Inpanting to draw additional objects and content in a scene.

Background replacement

Using Inpainting we can replace the background of a photo with another environment.

Style adjusment

We could replace a photo with a stylized version, for example the same photo in the style of a Renaissance paintig.

Tips for best results

Always try to be as specific as possible.

When adding objects

Describe the intended result as precisly as possible.


"A classic yellow car driving away from the camera"

When removing objects

Try to describe the scene behind the removed object as best as possible.

"Remove scooter"

"Empty desert road"